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It's Time For A Game Change

We Must Have New Leadership To Deliver Results For America

Dear Fellow Citizen,

​Around the world and in America, freedom is under attack.   As Putin marches on Ukraine and President Obama is working to fundamentally expand the role of government in our everyday lives we are living in truly dangerous times. The very freedoms we hold dear, the freedoms that are the essence of our American execptionalism, are being challenged here and abroad.

​But these are challenges I know we will meet because as Americans we show our greatest strength in the face of adversity. Public confidence must be restored to government and the only way to do that is to have more people get involved and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.  That’s why we founded Citizens For Restoring USA to support and elect common sense conservative Republicans to office around the country.

In order to solve the problems America is facing, we must elect and support leaders who can make a difference, and with the strength of thousands of grass-roots activists we can break through the resistance of Washington’s powerful elites. 



At our nation’s darkest moments we need strong principled people who can lead us through the trials and tribulations. More importantly we need leaders who aren’t afraid to make difficult choices, decisions that prevent terrorism and stand up bad policies like Obamacare. We need heroes today to inspire the next generation of leaders tomorrow.

Those are the kind of individuals I hope to support through Citizens For Restoring USA, but I need your help!

Your contribution will be used to immediately start supporting our Republican leaders of tomorrow and today.

​You can quickly and easily make your contribution by clinking on the Donate Today button​ at the top of your screen.

Inspired leadership for the future begins with your support, please join Citizens For Restoring USA PAC so we can help the future of our Republican Party. And elect commonsense Republicans this year. 



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