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At a time when America is still reeling from the unexpected victory of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Read the story of one man's unwavering service to help produce that reality. He believed, acted, and worked tirelessly to make America Great Again, despite the unvarnished views of, seemingly, the majority. 


What makes a young boy, and later a mature man, stay true to his beliefs and succeed repeatedly as a sagacious entrepreneur in numerous ventures from bull riding to running huge corporations? 


A true story filled with the experience of risk, innovation, character, and leadership. Looking back, you will read how each “dot” got connected and steered Kiger’s destiny to organizing the first PAC for Mr. Trump, that leads to the highest office in the land... The Presidency of the United States. Success being the only unshakable option

Signed Copy: From Poverty To Polo To Politics - A Life Leading To Trump

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